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The Élan console brings exceptional power and productivity to artist-oriented and project studios. The Élan combines outstanding sonic performance, high technical standards, and solid construction quality with a full complement of professional features.


The Élan console series brings professional power and performance to artist-oriented project studios, whether you are tracking, mixing, sampling, or editing. Its design is focused on features that offer engineers real benefits. You’ll find in-place solo and three overlapping mute groups. Your mics or samples start in Neotek’s best discrete mic preamp, not the one-chip solution you might expect.

The Élan's remarkably musical equalizer offers four bands with sweep frequencies. And the Élan monitor control doubles the size of the console or creates a total of thirty auxiliary sends. You can order your Élan with any popular automation system: VCA, moving fader, or MIDI. The Élan is exceptionally clean and quiet, but it alone among its competition produces the kind of solid audio performance that makes it the choice for back-to-analog purists. Its crosstalk performance can handle the hottest synthesizer tracks. Its bandwidth and transparency give you complete confidence in the material you send out.

You won’t come up short of features when you tackle complex projects, and you won’t waste time working around console compromises. The heft and construction quality of the Élan also set it apart. It has the advanced designs and top quality components that maintain performance over the extra years of service expected of consoles today. Your Élan studio will produce work with the quality and impact expected of the most expensively equipped facilities.

Superior sound requires superior circuits

The circuits of the Élan were designed from inception to gracefully accommodate the extreme in-band and out-ofband signals encountered in modern digital studios. It is not by accident that the slew rate and power bandwidth of all Neotek designs are about twice as high as other consoles. Our mic preamp has exceptionally low noise—typically within 1/4 dB of the theoretical minimum. It is the same circuit as used in all Neotek consoles, because we know that only the best is adequate for high quality vocals and quiet, accurate sampling. The critical stereo combining amps are discrete hybrids to keep noise and distortion at a minimum. Neotek's Common Sense bus system is a much more sophisticated approach to big console design than balanced buses, and the Élan's outputs are balanced—the hard way, with cross-coupled .1% resistors. In direct comparisons of sonic performance between manufacturers, Neotek consoles have consistently proven superior. Élan circuit designs support your own efforts to maintain audio quality leadership. depends on superior circuits.

We built it right to last longer

We made no compromises in component and construction quality. Then you compare an Élan to other consoles nearits price range, the difference is immediately obvious. Where other consoles have a sheet metal feel and reveal components selected for price, the Élan feels substantial and fully professional. It has the same all-alloy frame as the Élite and the same interconnect system. The same high quality components are used throughout. Most importantly, when we designed the Élan we made sure there were no compromises in the high standard of technical and sonic performance for which Neotek consoles are known. it serves you longer.

The Élan is affordable!

Cost is always a consideration. The Élan is a complete and integrated audio system, with legs, meters, patchbay, and a solid signal path. When you compare the cost of assembling a lesser console, adding outboard mic preamps, a few good equalizers, and a professional patchbay, you end up near the price of an Élan. But you don't end up with a professional console that can attract quality clients.


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