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The Sytek MPT-1 Vacuum Tube 1-channel Microphone Preamplifier: Class A, Cascade Design, Dynamically Balanced, Zero Feedback.


After 5 years of Research and Development we introduce a no-compromise, internally balanced all-tube microphone preamplifier with an all-tube high voltage stabilized ultra-low noise power supply.

This design achieves 62dB of gain, without feedback, very low phase shift, extremely low noise of 0.0085% THD+Noise, fast slew rate and 150dB high dynamic range. A custom center taped transformer is used for the input to split the signal into high and low for direct coupling to the first stage tube amplification using the premium 6922 (E88CC, or 6DJ8) vacuum tube. This tube, hand-selected by Sytek, is well known for extremely low noise and wide bandwidth.

The second stage cascade direct coupled, like the first stage uses the same premium tube, the 6922. No output transformer is used. For this configuration, a high voltage, well stabilized power supply is used. The power supply starts with 450V and is stabilized to 300V with extremely low ripple at load operation. The power supply is an all tube design composed of pass tubes 6CW5 or 6BQ5 and a 12AX7 as a voltage comparator with the Zener reference diode. This power supply can supply 300V at 50mA and under 1mV ppk ripple under load. The high voltage all tube power supply design also provides slow start and the right output impedance for tube gain stages in order to achieve unparalleled sound, low noise, fast response, wide bandwidth, and high dynamic range.

The first low voltage power supply is designed with solid state components, and will provide 12V DC, stabilized and having ultra low noise for the input gain stages' tube filaments.
The second low voltage Power supply designed with solid state components, will provide 48V DC, stabilized and having ultra low noise for the phantom power.
The third low voltage power supply provides separated voltage filaments for the high voltage power supply, floated at high voltage.
The MPT-1 is hand-made in the USA with high quality selected components and custom transformers, needed to achieve this performance.

We guarantee: NO other tube microphone preamplifier on the market today achieves the performance and characteristics of this unique design.


A premium quality gain control is followed by two rugged but nimble toggle controls for the PHASE and 48V (Phantom Power) functions.
The PHASE control allows the inversion of signal polarity.
The 48V control switches on phantom power, necessary when using condenser microphones.
Additionally, each preamplifier section has a Peak indicator, set at -8dB before clipping the signal output.


Preamplifier topologyTransformer Coupled Design
Input Levelnominal -60 to -10 dBm
Gain+65 dB range (ref. input)
Maximum output24dBm loaded 600 ohms
E.I.Noise-134dBu (S.I.=50ohms) -129dBm(S.I.=150ohms)
THD+Noise0.0015 % at 60dB gain (@ 1kHz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio> 100 dBm
Bandwidth10Hz-85 kHz +/- 0.25 dB
CMRR>100db at 100Hz
Phase Lin10 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 0.1 deg
Phantom P.S.+48V at 10ma (we can customize this for you)
I/O connectionsAuto-sense balanced/unbalanced XLR
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